Sep 13

India call rates revised to 3¢/min

After a thorough review of call quality metrics, we have decided to use only those providers who meet the high standards that our customers have come to expect. As a result, we are also revising the India rates to 3 cents/min effective immediately.

Thank you all for believing in us – we will keep working on ways to make your calling experience cheaper and better.

Jul 13

India rates dropped to 2¢/min

We’re happy to announce that we’ve managed to negotiate better calling rates to India and as promised earlier, we’ve dropped our India rates to 2 cents / min effective immediately. We thank all our customers for believing in us – we continue working on make your calling experience cheaper and better.

Apr 13

Cutting-edge support with Helpshift

One of the things that customers love about Spokn is the excellent customer support that we provide. We respond quickly to each question and keep customer satisfaction as our priority. But now, we’re taking customer support to another level altogether, thanks to Helpshift.

Spokn Support on iOS

Spokn Support on iOS

Helpshift takes care of making the support experience amazing, so we can concentrate on making VoIP amazing. Starting today, the Support screens on our Android and iOS apps will show a searchable FAQ list. Answers to common questions can be found instantly, so you don’t have to wait for a support exec to reply.

Chat with Support

Chat with Support

You can vote on whether the answer was helpful or not so we can improve them further. And If you have a question to which you don’t find an answer, you can send it to support right away.

What’s more, there’s even real-time chat support so you can get your issues resolved in a jiffy. We hope you never have to use this new feature, but in case you do, we’re sure that it will be easy and enjoyable!

Apr 13

Ongoing issues with India calls

We’re currently facing ongoing issues with calls to India due to network congestion at the operator level. Customers may face issues with respect to call connectivity when calling India numbers. Retrying a failed call should usually help.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience but since it’s outside of our network all we can do is work on a resolution with our operators. We will keep you posted on any updates with respect to this issue.

Apr 13

India rate increase

An important update for all our customers calling India. Due to an increase in termination costs to India, we have had to increase our India calling rates to 2 cents/min from 1.5 cents/min. This rate change is with immediate effect. We apologize for the lack of prior notice on this matter, but we’ve done the best we could have.

Rest assured that with Spokn, you get the best quality calls to India at competitive prices. We remain committed to providing a VoIP service that lets you be free of worries when calling international.

Mar 13

New Year Bonanza – Rates dropped! Call India now @ 2.50 ¢/min

In the spirit of the new year and as a celebration we have dropped India rates to 2.50 cents/min.
Great quality calls at great prices with Spokn!

Wish you a prosperous and happy new year.

Mar 13

Calls to India better, but dearer

If you’ve been a long-time user of Spokn and have been calling India, you would have noticed that the quality of calls is much better than before. We’ve been constantly improving our interconnects and it clearly shows in the connection times, latency, quality and reliability of the calls. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding – call minutes to India increased by over 13% in the last month.

We’ve already had to increase our rates to India from 1.5 to 2 cents/min because of the Indian operators who have been going through a price-adjustment period in the last few months, starting with their local tariff hikes in January. They’ve had to increase their international incoming rates correspondingly to offset the disparity between local and international tariffs.

Thankfully, the rates seem to have stabilized now, but it does require an additional adjustment from our side, to 3 cents/min, effective immediately. We could keep the rates lower by compromising on the quality by terminating our calls through non-premium routes but we want to offer only the best to you. And that’s what you can continue to expect from us, since Spokn’s not about cheap calls – it’s about great quality calls at competitive rates.

Feb 13

Rates reduced by 1/3rd for over 25 countries

Here’s some great news for all you Spokn subscribers. We’ve simplified and reduced rates of over 25 different countries. In all, the rates have been reduced by over one-third! For some countries, rates have gone down by over 80%.

Here are some of the notable countries where rates have been changed – Malaysia, Brazil, Greece, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Thailand and more…

With Spokn, you can rest assured that we’ll pass on whatever benefits we get in terms of lower rates to you as soon as we can. See the whole list on our rates page.

Nov 12

Callback and Call-through support for iPhone

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just updated our iPhone dialer with support for Callback and Call-through calling mechanisms. What this means is that you will be able to make low-cost Spokn calls even if you don’t have access to a good internet connection. Based on your country, the iPhone app automatically activates either the Callback or Call-through mechanisms as an alternative to VoIP calling.

With these calling mechanisms, you get the benefit of Spokn’s low rates and the quality of your operator’s phone network. So if you find that you’re not getting the best quality on VoIP, you can try the alternate mechanism available. Note that billing for the Callback and Call-through mechanisms works differently as compared to regular VoIP. Please check the respective pages for more information.

Please note that it will take some time for the iPhone app to be approved by Apple before it is available for you to download. We will update this post once it is live on the App Store.

Update: It’s live in the App Store now.

Sep 12

35% less hungry than before

We’ve hacked away at the internals of our Windows dialer and have made it more efficient. Spokn on Windows is now leaner and meaner than before, featuring a savings of over 35% in memory consumption. We can always do with some spare memory on our machines and this will help the cause along.

But nothing thrills me more than to say that this update will get installed for you without you doing anything. No more hassles of downloading and upgrading manually!