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‘Victory for Modi in Gujarat elections will herald an end of secular politics in India’ ‘Victory for Modi Pandora Bracelets UK in Gujarat elections will herald an end of secular politics in India’ Even though i imagine that political parties must stop using religion to further their own interests, i fail to realise why the congress should protest against narendra modi or the bjp(“Gujarat’s popular, india’s nervousness, late 25).What modi is espousing is what the congress has been propagating for years the only distinction between is that modi is fighting for the hindu vote bank while the congress did it with muslims.The feeling among hindus today is that while the muslims have been appeased for some time in this country, they are marginalised.As long as these feelings remains, the modis of this world continues winning.A victory for modi in the elections will herald an end of secular governmental policies in india.While boasting to be the new face of hindu revivalism, he has completely missed the essence of hinduism and what it represent.It is time the gujarati voter realised that the state has suffered enough and that they can’t afford to be swept away by the wave of saffron aggression.Medical professional tina garg, on e mailgujarat experienced a drought and an earthquake but it is in modi’s reign that the state has developed into byword for systematic slaughter.If modi comes to power it will signal the reaffirmation of hard core hindutva.If the sangh implements the gujarat model unusual, it will final result anarchy.Rajat ghai, on e mailthe bjp’s position today is akin to that of a cancer afflicted patient who has been merrily consuming positivelly dangerous products.Whether with the ability to fight the disease successfully or not will depend upon the kind of treatment it is willing to undergo and the extent of damage done to its body politic.Navneet dhawan, delhiif the bjp is declared the winner in gujarat, it will supply breathing space to the nda government in delhi.Nited kingdom.Chidanand kumar, bangalorerather than personal greetings, voters in gujarat should be guided by what the next governing administration in the state can offer.In this particular sense, the thing that should matter is whether it can offer them a better place to live in.Sumana mukherjee, punethe coming polls will be a referendum not only on the gujarat state administration but also on the bjp.It will be a pointer to what the indian electorate’s mindset is and what don’t be surprised in the next general elections.Jinu mathew, on e mailthe preferred oneyou may believe that gujarat wants to vote the bjp back to power because of a hate wave but the fact is there’s no hatred involved(“The wining of hate, nov 25).People will vote for the bjp because they have trust in the party and none in the congress, which one is led by a foreigner and follows a divide and rule policy.Neeraj sharma, delhiyour prediction that the bjp will win a landslide victory in the forthcoming assembly elections is an untenable proposal since modi has done incalculable harm to the prospects of the party by his perpetuation of hindutva and his inept handling of the affairs of the state.Frankly, he has signed the bjp’s death assure.Karanam rao, hyderabadif your opinion poll really reflects what are the voters want, it is a sad reflection of the sense and sensibilities of regarding of india and gujarat.Human treasures, the capability to tell Cheap Pandora Charms UK apart right from wrong, humanity and compassion will all be is thrown into the dustbin of indian history.Your investment relevance of mahatma gandhi and sardar patel in building the polity of gujarat, the majority involved in business and trade have in the past six months been affected by the hate wave unleashed under modi.Your cover story has read the minds of millions that definitely have suffered.Sooryakant parikh, on e mailwhat’s the and if modi encashes his infamy?Sholay became a superhit outcome gabbar singh and not jai or veeru.

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Angelina jolie jewelry Cheap Pandora Charms collection

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